Combo: Navy Cat Jet C/F Version-2 + Retract


Combo: Navy Cat Jet C/F Version-2 + Retract

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V2 New Features:
  • Better intensity of the airframe
  • Longer C/F wing tube
  • More C/F reinforcement areas, e.g., extension in boom, added C/F sheet in the joint between fuselage and wings, added C/F sheet and sticks inside the wings.
  • Stainless steel hardware screws
  • Positive/negative teeth push rods
  • Add cockpit


  • Trailing-link $230 if purchased with plane, and $270 if purchased separately


Carbon Fiber wing tubes  & reinforce wing

Undercarriage is available with separate purchase

Wing Span: 65in/1600mm

Wing Area: 1007 sq in / 65 sq dm

Flying Weight: 15 lb / 6810 g

Fuselage length: 76.8 in /1950 mm

Turbo Engine: 12-18lb,

Thrust Turbine Recommend: King Tech K80, Jet Cat P60SE

Radio required: 6 channels, 11 servos

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