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Customer ratings for CORVUS 30cc

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from Anonymous on 8/8/2017
I installed a RCFG twin 40 in it. It came out a little nose heavy but I used a 4200 NiMH humpback back in fuse and only added 1 oz on tail. Flies like crazy and love it. had to cut out cowl for plugs but looks fine. run a 20-8 prop I am ready to try another but use new VV twin with 10-32 angled plugs witch should fit inside cowling.
Gorgeous plane and great flyer
from Anonymous on 4/4/2017
The quality of construction of the air-frame is excellent and the covering job is beautiful. The carbon fiber landing gear is a nice upgrade from the usual aluminum. It will not bend or break. The supplied ball swivels seemed to stiff and were replaced with Dubro 4-40 links and 4-40 all thread for the push rods.
With a DLE 30 this plane will climb straight up like a rocket. A DLE 35RA would be a better option because it would fit better in the cowl. The DLE 30 requires a big hole in the side of the cowl for the stock muffler.
Excellent Plane
from Anonymous on 9/18/2016
On the maiden flight, the only trim required was to the throttle. Plane flew on rails right out of the box. I did some flat spins, harrier rolls, torque rolls and even tried a blender on the first flight, Plane flew great. By the way, plane came with carbon fiber LG. Wing Tube and Stab tube. Fuse was also reinforced with carbon fiber. Great plane for the price.
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